SLA 2016 - 2017

Northumberland’s Context

We understand that education in Northumberland is unique. We are the largest and most sparsely populated county in England, with a diverse socio-economic profile and great variety of school leadership models.

Whether your school is:

• an academy,
• a first, primary, middle or high school
• part of a federation or trust
• serving a rural or urban community,
• facing significant challenges or already outstanding

Our experience of working with you means our team understands your context and the particular challenges you face. In a time of significant educational change, making sense of national policies and directives, and navigating a successful pathway can require the support of a team that understands your issues and has a proven track record of working successfully across Northumberland.

Who we are

Richard Taylor – e-learning and ICT Adviser

Sue Wild - e-learning and ICT consultant

Jen Harris - e-learning and ICT consultant

Steve Robson - e-learning and ICT consultant

John Devlin - e-safety Consultant

Julie Keenleyside -  e-learning and ICT Admin Officer

E-Learning & ICT Service Level Agreement

In order to provide schools with the maximum flexibility, we have structured the e-learning and ICT support provision around three separate Service Level Agreements.

SLA 1 – ICT Teaching and Learning Support
This provides schools with a named consultant and a range of services including school based support and access to training courses

SLA 2 – Managed Online Services and Resources
This provides schools with access to the NorTLE learning platform and all the associated content and applications, valued in excess of £8500 per annum if bought separately. Learning platform management is supported, training is through SLA 1

SLA 3 – e-safety and Online Child Protection
Providing guidance, training, support with PCE, resources and half termly e-safety reports

Pricing structure

The School Improvement SLA covers the academic year beginning
1st September  and ending 31st August.

SLA 1 £850
SLA 2 £500+ £1.20 per pupil
SLA 3 £450 + £1 per pupil (max £950)

Quality Assurance

We have put in place strategies to ensure our services are of the highest quality.
These include:

• a rigorous recruitment and performance management process ensuring team members have the appropriate expertise
• a commitment to high quality CPD for all members of the team
• a robust self evaluation and service planning process
• consultation with headteachers and Chairs of governors
• an efficient administration team that ensures good financial management

  Schools buying into service level agreements will also get a named contact that
  will ensure high levels of customer care.